“Corridor Talk” AGM

The Corridor Talk project held its first workshop and AGM on 9 November, hosted by the Rachel Carson Center in Munich. The workshop was held online as the COVID crisis made travel impossible. All six members of the Corridor Talk team were present. Report by Graham Huggan Chair: Prof Graham Huggan (University of Leeds)Participants: CorridorContinue reading ““Corridor Talk” AGM”

What to Read: New Book on the Bavarian Forest National Park

This is the first of our reviews of new publications related to our project interests. To read about our own project publications, please see the Publications page on this website. The Bavarian Ur-Wald: History, Politics & Nature in the Bavarian Forest National Park by Graham Huggan Urwald der Bayern: Geschichte, Politik und Natur im NationalparkContinue reading “What to Read: New Book on the Bavarian Forest National Park”