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Welcome to the “Corridor Talk” project, which has been jointly funded by the DFG and the AHRC and will run from 1 February 2020 for three years. The project, which involves researchers from the University of Leeds and LMU Munich, uses multidisciplinary approaches drawn from the emerging field of conservation humanities to look at issues related to the present and future of European transboundary national parks. We will concentrate on Wadden Sea National Parks, Pyrenees National Park, and the Bavarian Forest National Park together with the neighbouring Ĺ umava National Park. Managing such large-scale transnational parks entails an often complex set of political negotiations, but it also requires careful attention to the values and attitudes bound up in wildlife conservation, both within and beyond the boundaries of the parks themselves. We hope over the next few years to shed light on the history of these parks and, more specifically, on the ways that people and animals currently move through them. We will ask what these movements might tell us about the changing human-animal relationship, and how they might help us better understand the urgent need to protect biodiversity, both in Europe and elsewhere. 

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