What to Read: New Book on the Bavarian Forest National Park

This is the first of our reviews of new publications related to our project interests. To read about our own project publications, please see the Publications page on this website. The Bavarian Ur-Wald: History, Politics & Nature in the Bavarian Forest National Park by Graham Huggan Urwald der Bayern: Geschichte, Politik und Natur im NationalparkContinue reading “What to Read: New Book on the Bavarian Forest National Park”

The Covid Chronicles Part II: Invisibilities

This is the second in a series of blog posts chronicling research in the time of Covid19. In writing these pieces, we are exploring ways to try and use the pandemic restrictions as a means of thinking productively about our case study areas and the mobilities (and now immobilities) that are coming to bear on them.Continue reading “The Covid Chronicles Part II: Invisibilities”