Postcard from the Wadden Sea

Dear Corridor Talk colleagues:
This month I made it to the Wadden Sea coast for the first time since our project began! It felt unreal to be standing on the mudflats – experiencing the physical landscape for the first time in well over a year. I picked up this postcard and thought of you, and now I’m typing these words into my computer, but I’m not sure how well they capture what I want to share.

Still – under the circumstances, it seems more important than ever to think about how we mediate and communicate natural landscapes. I am not sure how photos can really express the dynamism of the Wadden Sea area. The images that I wanted most to capture are the most ephemeral ones – cranes glimpsed in flight, footprints on the mud at low tide, the changing winter light over the rehydrated peatlands.
I hope you are all doing well and I hope we can meet in person somewhere this year!
Love from

A pair of cranes
Footprints. Maybe an Oystercatcher?
Stapeler Moor Nature Reserve

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