Recommendations from the 15th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium

In December, Eveline de Smalen attended the 15th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium, where she presented on Teaching the Wadden Sea through Literature, the project she is working on as part of Corridor Talk. At this symposium, panelists in 7 different thematic sessions met after their panel presentations to discuss sets of recommendations for science and management of the Wadden Sea World Heritage in the context of climate change. These recommendations have now been collated in a report, which will serve as input for the Trilateral Governmental Conference on the protection of the Wadden Sea which will be held later this year in Wilhelmshaven. You can find the recommendations from Eveline’s panel on the social aspects of sustainable development in the Wadden Sea below, and you can download the full report here.

Recommendations for science:

  • Strengthen interdisciplinary dialogue and research between natural and social sciences and humanities on values in nature conservation, protected area management and sustainable development.
  • Strengthen funding opportunities for interdisciplinary and social sciences/humanities-led research projects.
  • Strengthen the development of indicators and trilateral monitoring and recording systems in the areas of archaeology, history, and socio-economic fields, such as tourism, recognizing climate change impacts.
  • Dare to experiment and bring forth latent opportunities for sustainable development with others, e.g. through leisure and tourism for climate action and sustainable development in the Wadden Sea.

Recommendations for management:

  • Broaden collaboration of the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation with civic society and entrepreneurs for sustainable development of the Wadden Sea region.
  • Acknowledge natural and cultural heritage as mutually reinfocing and recognize that nature conservation has to be informed by multiple societal and natural values.
  • Strengthen reference to historical and cultural heritage in management by promoting a more holistic view of the socio-environmental history and possible futures of the Wadden Sea landscape.

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