First Year: Research Roundup

The Corridor Talk project celebrates its first birthday today and aside from the our brief kick-off meeting in Leeds in February 2020 (see photo below), team members have not met in person at all. Visits to field sites have been limited due to the ongoing pandemic and interactions with project partners severely circumscribed. Nonetheless, regular digital meetings have kept us in touch and on target and we approach the second year of the project with a round-up of what we have achieved so far and a look ahead to the next few months – whether or not these will be spent in lockdown.

WP1 Imaginaries: Katie and Eveline have both given digital talks (in Cambridge and Bristol respectively) on aspects of the project and a first co-written article for a special issue of Maritime Studies on relational aspects of the Wadden Sea landscape will hopefully be accepted for publication in 2021 following minor revisions. Eveline’s article on the sandpiper for the Arcadia series on the Environment & Society Portal was also accepted for publication. Katie was interviewed about her Corridor Talk work for a podcast sponsored by the DAAD Cambridge Research Hub for German Studies. 

WP2 Immersions: George and Jon have refined their walking methodology and Jon is preparing to start data collecting in February. Jon’s contributed an article (co-authored with Alice Eldridge and Roger Norum) to the Bloomsbury Handbook of Sonic Methodologies, which was published in late 2020. Jon is involved with the project “Extending Realities: Pioneering Immersive Technologies in Transdisciplinary Research,” which has secured funding from The Joint Committee for Nordic research councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS), for a series of three workshops on immersive technologies, to be held in Aalborg, Stockholm, and Oulu over the next few years; this work will complement and build on his Corridor Talk research. 

WP3 Invasions: Pavla contributed a chapter to the edited collection “Urwald der Bayern: Geschichte, Politik und Natur im Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald,” which was published in late 2020. She has been in touch with the members of  Bewildering Boar: The Changing Cosmopolitics of the Hunt in Europe & Beyond, which has some productive interfaces with Corridor Talk. 

Pavla and Eveline in February 2020 in Leeds, just before the Covid19 pandemic took hold.

Additional: Graham and George are both involved in the successful bid for Leverhulme funding for doctoral students researching animal extinction at the University of Leeds, which should produce good synergies with Corridor Talk research. 

Upcoming: Members Corridor Talk team had a panel accepted for the postponed EASLCE biennial conference in Granada in September 2021, and have submitted a creative-format panel for the ESEH biennial conference due to take place in Bristol in July 2021. Planning for a Corridor Talk workshop in the Pyrénées National Park in September is underway.  We very much hope that all events will be able to take place as planned.

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